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How to Decorate Your Boat for the Holidays

Here on Oak Island, we love all things related to the ocean. We all love the beach and the beach lifestyle. Casual dress, cool breezes, and a laid back atmosphere that, well, just makes like better. For many of our residents and, of course, our visitors, t... View the full post »

How to Stay Fit and Healthy This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. The holiday season is upon us. Stores have been putting Christmas wares on display for weeks now. The holidays are a wonderful time of year.  It's the time we give thanks, gather family and friends, and generally en... View the full post »

10 Quotes that Will Make You Dream of Oak Island

We are just a few weeks into the Fall season and if you are like many of us, you’re already dreaming of next years Summer vacation on Oak Island. Of course we all miss the hot weather, the Carolina sun, and those days enjoying the miles of pristine beaches on Oak Island.... View the full post »

The Best Fall Events and Festivals You Won't Want to Miss

Everyone thinks of the beach during the summer. However, for the true beach lover every season of the year offers a unique and exciting way to enjoy the beach. This is never truer then during the fall months. During the fall the water temperatures are stil... View the full post »

Discover the Exciting Sport of Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Fall is going to be here soon. Temperatures are slowly falling into that perfect zone of comfort. Warm days, cool nights, and warm water temperatures are the norm on Oak Island. This week we have one of the best fall activities you can enjoy on Oak Island.... View the full post »

Why Oak Island is the Perfect Place to Retire

Are you looking to retire soon? Are you trying to find the perfect place to retire? Perhaps retirement is well off in the future, but you want to begin looking for a place to purchase as an investment property that will someday be your retirement home. Wel... View the full post »

10 Easy Ways to Save Money on Your Oak Island Beach Vacation

Everyone deserves a beach vacation. Whether you love coming to Oak Island in the heat of summer or enjoy the cooler months, Oak Island is a wonderful place to get away from it all. Come to recharge and enjoy a slower pace of life for a ... View the full post »

How to Have an Adventure Packed Oak Island Vacation

Do you love adventure? Is a day of just laying on the beach reading a good book, not your idea of a relaxing beach vacation? Do you require a little more adventure in your vacation plans? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you’ll want to... View the full post »

How to Buy Your First Beach Vacation Home

Have you fallen in love with Oak Island? Perhaps you’ve been vacationing on Oak Island for years renting a home and enjoying the best of the Carolina coast. Have you been considering buying your first beach vacation home, but don’t know how to start th... View the full post »

The Ultimate Oak Island Summer Road Trip Checklist

Summer is here and your Oak Island beach vacation is just weeks away or maybe just days away. Everyone is excited! You’ve picked the perfect Oak Island vacation home. You know what events you want to go to, you’ve even been craving that fresh local seafood. However, ... View the full post »

Everything You Need to Know About the Oak Island Piers

One of the best things about traveling is the joy of discovering those hidden gems. You know, that out of the way restaurant that you fall in love with or maybe that secret spot on the beach that nobody seems to know about. This year when you visit Oak Isl... View the full post »

The Ultimate Packing List for Your Oak Island Beach Vacation

No matter how you get to Oak Island for your summer beach vacation, one thing is for certain… you have to pack a bag! Back in March we talked about all the essential items you need for your Oak Island vacation rental. This week we take one step closer to... View the full post »

Oak Island is Home to the Best Events of the Summer

Every day is getting nicer and nicer. The days are getting warmer and longer. It can only mean one thing… summer is almost upon us. As Oak Island and Southport get ready for another wonderful summer season, it is time for you, too, to start planning all ... View the full post »

There is Still Time to Book Your Oak Island Beach Vacation

It may be the end of April and May is right around the corner. If you haven’t started planning your 2019 Oak Island summer beach vacation, there is still time. Booking a summer vacation is as easy as ever. With our dynamic websit... View the full post »

Ten Beach Safety Tips for Parents

A day on the beach is a time-honored tradition that many of us look forward to all year long. Let’s face it, this winter has been a long one. However, the beach is both a wonderful place to be and a place that can be stressful to those of us with kids. W... View the full post »