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1 Feb 2024
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The Ultimate Beach Reads for Your Next Getaway Better Beach Rentals

Heading to Oak Island for a beach getaway and need something great to read? You're in luck. We've gathered a list of books to bring you a selection of novels perfect for your vacation. From thrilling mysteries to heartwarming romances, these are the kind of reads that make you wish your beach stay would never end. Whether you're looking to get lost in a story on a quiet beach or seeking a companion for your sunset drinks on the deck of your vacation rental, these books have got you covered.

1. "Once There Were Wolves" by Charlotte McConaghy

Dive into the wilds of Scotland with Once There Were Wolves and protagonist Inti Flynn, a determined biologist working to reintroduce wolves. Battling local resistance and personal demons, including her sister's PTSD and her own unique empathy, Inti's story is a profound exploration of nature, humanity, and healing. McConaghy blends environmental conservation with deep emotional narratives, making it a must-read for those fascinated by the complexities of nature and personal growth.

2. "The Book of Cold Cases" by Simone St. James

A spine-tingling tale that spans decades, Simone St. James's novel The Book of Cold Cases intertwines the lives of Shea Collins, a true crime blogger, and Beth Greer, a mysterious woman linked to the Lady Killer Murders. Set against the eerie backdrop of Greer mansion, this paranormal mystery delves into themes of innocence, guilt, and the supernatural, offering a gripping read that will keep you guessing until the very end.

3. "Finlay Donovan Knocks' Em Dead" by Elle Cosimano

Follow Finlay Donovan, a struggling author turned accidental detective, as she navigates the perils of the criminal underworld with humor and wit. Cosimano's blend of suspense and comedy creates a uniquely entertaining experience. Finlay Donovan Knocks' Em Dead is perfect for those seeking a light-hearted yet thrilling adventure.

The Ultimate Beach Reads for Your Next Getaway Better Beach Rentals

4. "The Paris Apartment" by Lucy Foley

Unravel the mystery of Ben's disappearance with Jess in The Paris Apartment. This thriller, set in an apartment building, slowly reveals the dark secrets of its residents. Foley's mastery of suspense and character-driven narrative ensures a compelling journey through the City of Light's darker corners.

5. "The Last Thing He Told Me" by Laura Dave

In The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave, we meet Hannah Hall, whose life is thrown into turmoil when her husband vanishes, leaving only a cryptic note behind. This gripping novel plunges Hannah into a web of secrets and lies surrounding her husband's true identity. As she races against time to unearth the truth, Hannah discovers the strength within herself and the unbreakable bonds of family. Laura Dave masterfully blends mystery and emotion, creating a story that explores the resilience of love in the face of the unknown.

6. "The Love Hypothesis" by Ali Hazelwood

Delight in the fake-dating antics of Olive and Adam, two academics who find themselves in an unexpected romance. Hazelwood's novel The Love Hypothesis is a charming and humorous take on love in the academic world, making it an ideal read for those who enjoy a good rom-com with a smart twist.

7. "Seven Days in June" by Tia Williams

In Seven Days in June, experience the emotional reunion of Eva and Shane, two writers with a tumultuous past. Williams' novel is a deep dive into love, pain, and redemption, offering readers a moving exploration of second chances and the enduring power of love.

This selection of novels is a great addition to any relaxing beach vacation. Each story has a captivating narrative and can enhance the experience of unwinding by the sea. So, whether you're planning a vacation or just dreaming of sandy shores, these reads are worth considering.

And if you're still on the lookout for the perfect spot to enjoy these captivating reads, Better Beach Rentals has you covered. Our vacation homes offer the ideal cozy corners for book lovers. So why wait? Dive into your next great read at one of our vacation rentals and make your beach getaway to Oak Island truly special.