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For Property Owner on Oak Island, NC

Individuals that own property on Oak Island, NC can apply for a Town Parking Permit. This permit will allow you to park in any of the paid parking spaces as well as specially marked spaces for Oak Island Residents. If you already have a Oak Island local parking pass, that parking pass will be honored until the end of the year 2023. The Town of Oak Island local parking passes are still available at Town Hall, and will remain available until the SurfCast by Otto Connect App goes live. Once the app goes live, owners of properties will apply for a local parking pass via the app
Owners of property on Oak Island are allowed up to 3 vehicles, with a 10 dollar processing fee for each vehicle. To obtain the passes you will need Name, Address, License Plate number for the vehicle(s), and to create the account itself, your Town Utilities Account Number. The new pass will not be a physical pass but rather attached to your License Plate Number. The passes are nontransferable, with the only exception being if the vehicle with a pass is sold, with proof of the sell provided. Any vehicles beyond 3 would require a paid parking pass. 

For further information on these changes please go to the Oak Island website here