Dune Renourishment Project

The impacts of Hurricane Isaias in August 2020 left our dunes in a state of disrepair. An immediate rebuilding effort for emergency dunes, involving the pushing of sand with bulldozers, was completed in early October. While this helped provide immediate protection, there are still more long-term efforts underway. This entails stabilizing the dune system and cutting the access points through the dunes, which is projected to be complete by the end of May with the demobilization of equipment by May 26th. It is very important for the safety of all residents and visitors to stay off the sand dunes and go to the beach at designated access points. For the latest information on the Dune Re-nourishment Project, please use the town of Oak Islands links below: 


UPDATE: Friday, April 30: 4:30 PM: The Town of Oak Island has been notified of a 15-day extension, granted by the NC Division of Coastal Management, for sand distribution operations in the 2020 / 2021 Nourishment Project.

The following areas are planned to receive sand during this project:

·        BASE PROJECT: Starts at SE 63rd Street access and heads west to 1909 E Beach Drive (between 22nd Place East and 19th Place East)

·        ADD ALTERNATE #1: Starts at 1909 East Beach Drive (between 22nd Place East and 19th Place East) and heads west to 329 East Beach Drive (approximately 6th Place East)

·        ADD ALTERNATE #2: Starts at 329 East Beach Drive (approximately 6th Place East) and heads west to 101 East Beach Drive (approximately Middleton Avenue)


www.OakIslandNC.com/SAND - Lists all the Beach Renourishment projects which are currently active - complete with project dates, agencies involved, and interactive maps that show work areas. 

www.OakIslandNC.com/DUNES - Provides updates on the current Sand Sifting & Redistribution Project as part of Isaias recovery. 

www.OakIslandNC.com/ACCESS - List (with interactive map) of all public beach access locations, color-coded by amenities offered (parking, restrooms, rinse stations, etc.)



Sand Tracker:



Better Beach Rentals and Sales wants to make sure you are fully prepared for your vacation with us here on Oak Island. Please make sure to stay up to date and well informed on the Dune Project as it may impact your stay. As of now the Town of Oak Island are actively moving down the beach at a swift pace, making their way down to Middleton Bridge. For updates on their location please follow the link here. If you have any concerns or questions, please call us here at Better Beach Rentals and Sales at 910-278-1147 to speak with a representative.

   We look forward to having you here with us!