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The impacts of Hurricane Isaias in August 2020 left our dunes in a state of disrepair. An immediate rebuilding effort for emergency dunes, involving the pushing of sand with bulldozers, was completed in early October 2020. While this helped provide immediate protection, there are still more long-term efforts underway. 

Phase II Nourishment: Important Timeline & Work Zones Updates Provided

Please note: this project is subject to continual changes from multiple factors, including weather, equipment operation, personnel availability, and project area conditions. For the latest updates, please be sure to check and refresh often the Current Beach Nourishment Projects Page of the Town Website, which is being updated frequently at    

  • DREDGE ARRIVAL: There will be two (2) dredge ships used to service this project, the Dodge Island, and the Padre Island. The first of those two dredges is expected to arrive on Sunday, February 20, with the second arriving on Monday, February 21. The "hopper" barges, which will deliver sand from the dredges onto the beach work zones are already in place. Over the past two weeks, crews have also worked to stage equipment, vehicles, pipeline and other essential materials near the Beach Access Location at 51st PL W, which remains closed at this time. NOTE: An interactive Dredge Location Map has now been added to the INTERACTIVE MAPS section at
  • PROJECT TIMELINE: Currently, active dredging and sand distribution is expected to begin by late Sunday, February 20, or on Monday, February 21. These operations are still anticipated to end by April 7, with removal of equipment from the beach areas completed by April 14, 2022
  • WORK ZONES: Sand distribution will now begin near 48th Pl W and move eastward; with the first work zone impacting areas from 48th Pl W to 33rd Pl W. (NOTE: Work had previously been scheduled to begin near 6th Pl E. but due to forecasted conditions and the layout of the project area, the contractor made the decision this week to change the start location). Once operations are underway, more information will become available on the direction crews will proceed after the first work zone is completed. This information has been updated on the interactive Phase II Project Map, which now highlights Future, Current, and Completed Work Zones separately. CLICK HERE to view the Phase II Project Map directly.

Reminder, due to the numerous factors previously mentioned, all operation schedules and work zones are subject to change. The Current Beach Nourishment Projects Page is now being updated frequently, and should be considered the primary source for project information at

To stay up to date please follow the link below:

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